Brain injury

In our client’s words…

Read how we helped a client with their brain injury.

In August of 2014 I suffered a brain injury. Since that time, I’ve struggled with exhausting abnormal crying bouts accompanied by tremendous pressure in my skull. I had tried flower extracts and other herbal remedies, which did have an effect but didn’t eradicate the issues that continued to plague me.

In March of 2022 I was referred to Angel after trying many different pharmaceutical options, none of which impacted this aspect of my new normal.

After starting the CBD there wasn’t an immediate response but slowly things started to change until one day, I realized that the pressure in my head wasn’t present anymore. The crying bouts have reduced significantly, and my life has improved on every level. My body feels stronger and healthier in ways that I never thought was possible after my injury.

The profound impact that CBD has had on my life has made me very grateful to have found Angel.