The Team

Caring & Experienced

The Moby Botanicals team has assisted hundreds of patients with complex medical issues navigate finding their therapeutic threshold without any of the adverse side effects normally associated with cannabis usage.

Angel McLellan

Angel McLellan

Founder, Director of Clinical Services

Angel’s journey to assist people through the engagement of their endocannabinoid receptors began in 2015 while she was caring for individuals with cancer and brain injuries. 

In her efforts to provide healing and relief to her patients, she began to delve deeply into the science behind the endocannabinoid receptors’ role in the human body. She was fascinated by the neuroprotection these receptors provide when a brain injury is incurred and how cannabis can cause apoptosis of the cancer cell. She read and read, then took courses on medical dosing protocols.

It quickly became clear to her that patients needed clean, properly dosed cannabis to follow the healing protocols that were showing success in numerous studies. Shockingly, there was no local source for precision, low-dose cannabis medicine that had been fully tested for known contaminants. Furthermore, regulation of Maine’s medical cannabis industry was and continues to be practically nonexistent when it comes to safety.

Angel decided to provide a safe place for the prescribing practitioners to send their most fragile patients. A place where elderly, cognitively unique, or otherwise medically complex patients could access medical cannabis in a way that would never compromise their safety. “No one gets high on Angel’s watch” quickly became a comforting phrase.

Through years of methodical observation, Angel has learned that each individual requires a unique ratio and dose of cannabinoids to obtain optimal outcomes from their receptors. She focuses on supporting those receptors to perform so you can function at your optimal best.

With the ability to meet each individual where they are, she doesn’t just listen; she hears you in a way that allows her to get a big-picture view of what you are experiencing. She then takes a multi-focus approach to assisting you towards a better, healthier quality of life and a healthier, happier you.

Momen Abdullayof


Momen earned his Bachelor of Science of Pharmacy degree from Northeastern University in Boston, Massachusetts. He has been a licensed pharmacist since 1998 and has worked in several health care settings, including hospitals, long-term care facilities, and retail pharmacies.

For eleven years, he served South Portland and surrounding communities at the Millcreek Rite Aid pharmacy. With the closing of this pharmacy, Momen wanted to continue serving his customers with a high level of service and dedication, thus leading to the opening of Moby Rx. Through the creation of Moby Botanicals, Momen is now devoting himself to ensuring the people of Maine have access to safely produced, appropriately dosed cannabinoids.