Crohn’s Disease

In our client’s words…

Read how we helped a client with their Crohn’s disease.

Over the last 20 years, I have struggled to find help with Crohn’s disease. I have worked with numerous doctors and was assessed at one of the best hospitals, assisted by naturopathic doctors, and at integrative functional medical clinics. Many people have contributed to my journey and ability to survive with this overwhelming medical condition.

I was introduced to Moby Botanicals, and my journey changed drastically. Angel has been such a joy in helping me recover to the point where I feel I have reached remission for the first time in 20 years. I never would have imagined, after seeing so many doctors without a solution and spending tons of money on all kinds of supplements, that I would be able to reach a point of remission with a regular dose of CBD. I am forever grateful to Moby Botanicals and Angel for changing my life. I feel so blessed to be guided by Angel and to maintain such a healthy state of living that I wasn’t sure I would ever see again. Thank you!